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[icon] clickHaving electronic access for employees to answer their own employee benefit questions, research plans, and see overviews has rapidly become an expectation on the part of employees. Sachs Insurance’s CLICK program can help meet this expectation and serve to provide employees with the best in benefit program information and enrollment access. Below are a services which fall into this category.
Online Enrollment, HRIS System
Sachs Insurance Enroll is a secure online enrollment tool that allows for participants and HR to access benefit election data 24/7. Employee OR HR can make benefit elections. We then send each carrier your secure enrollment data all from this one spot, including payroll if desired.
Employee Benefit Website
It simply is an expectation on the part of employees in the marketplace today that they should have access to all employee benefit information online. Our staff benefit technology team will build a state of the art website to impress your employees, and give them instant access to plan information.
Video Communication
Video has become an extremely effective tool for employer to communicate their employee benefit programs. Why not simply record your employee benefit presentations one time per year, and then have them on demand for employees and their spouses 24/7? Our in-house video shoot team can work to develop a comprehensive communication package that also takes advantage of video media.

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